The QSRMC Quality and Product Conformity Regulations 2017

The current issue of this version of the Regulations is:

Issue 1 July 2017

This version of the Regulations is divided into eleven parts plus appendices, which closely follows the structure and content of BS EN ISO 9001:2015:

Parts 1 - 3 set out the scope of the Regulations, the normative references and terms and definitions.

Parts 4 and 5 are concerned with the Context of the organisation and Leadership.

Parts 6 and 7 deal with Planning and Resources.

Part 8 is the principal part of the document dealing with Operation. It is sub-divided into seven sections dealing with: planning and control, order processing, concrete design, purchasing and control of constituent materials, production and service provision, release of product and control of nonconforming concrete.

Part 9 is concerned with Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation.

Part 10 is deals with Corrective action and improvement.

Part 11 is concerned with the production of concrete from Vehicles designed to batch, mix and deliver concrete (volumetric and/or timed batching).

The administrative procedures for assessment and certification are set out in Appendix D.

This version of the Regulations is available in electronic format as a pdf file or in hard copy. The pdf file can be downloaded by clicking the download button on this page. For further details please contact