[ Assessment & Certification Process ]

To achieve SpeCC certification applicant companies undergo the following assessments:

A review of their documented management systems – An assessment of the implementation of those systems in relation to head office activities – Assessments of a sample of construction projects.

Certified companies are subject to an annual assessment covering the latter two elements with the documented systems being formally reassessed on a three yearly basis.

All SpeCC assessments are carried out by civil engineers with substantial industry and management systems experience. Where appropriate the assessment team will include a health and safety technical expert.

The assessments focus in particular on the following aspects:

At the head office:

Assessment of the management systems and records including policies, management commitment, internal audit records, corrective and preventive actions, legal and other requirements, environmental aspects and impacts, management reviews.

A review of the application of the systems for bid preparation, estimating, planning, design, training and competences, procurement, order processing, audit and review mechanisms as applied to a sample of civil engineering projects, including a review of a sample of relevant construction quality management plans, project environmental and site waste plans, and construction phase health and safety plans.

On construction sites:

Assessment of the implementation of company operational control systems as applied to the management of construction activities in accordance with Client requirements, the project specific construction quality management plan, technical concrete control and identity testing requirements, environmental and site waste management plan and the construction phase health and safety plan.

In many cases the SpeCC certified company operates within the systems of the Principal Contractor and in these circumstances particular attention is paid to the interface with the Principal Contractor, who will have an environmental and site waste plan, and a construction phase health and safety plan applicable to the complete construction site and all activities.

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