[ Benefits of SpeCC Certification ]

SpeCC Certification benefits all parties in the construction process:

For designers/building owners:
a unique certification assurance that the completed structure will conform to specification and meet the principles of sustainable development.

For principal contractors:
the knowledge that the concrete contractor has effective systems to ensure that the correct constituent materials have been purchased and placed in accordance with the specification; the assurance that the work of their contractors, is being assessed, including an inspection of the installation of reinforcement and the placement, curing and testing of concrete, by SpeCC civil engineers on their sites.

For certified companies:
adopting the requirements of a specialist certification scheme provides a highly effective mechanism to control risks, including those risks associated with non-conforming product/process. SpeCC provides an integrated certification package incorporating product conformity together with formal management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification. Certification for the production of precast concrete elements can also be offered in accordance with the Construction Products Regulations. 

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