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QSRMC is the independent certification body set up specifically for ready mixed concrete. Because it is a specialist body, QSRMC brings together a level of expertise in the product which is unequalled in the UK.

The effectiveness of any third party certification scheme depends largely upon two inter-related competence factors: the relevance and rigour of the compliance criteria for the product (the certification standard) and the technical knowledge and ability of those who set and determine conformity with those criteria (the governing board of the scheme and the assessment and certification staff).

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The QSRMC Governing Board

The members of the QSRMC Governing Board have been selected not only to ensure impartiality but also to provide participation by all principal parties significantly concerned in the development of the policies and operating procedures of a scheme devoted to the certification of ready mixed concrete.

Having a Governing Board, whose members all have a thorough knowledge of the product as designers, specifiers/users or producers, makes the QSRMC scheme unique in the provision of certification for ready mixed concrete.

The current members of the QSRMC Board, operating under an independent chairman, represent the following major construction industry organisations:

  • Civil Engineering Contractors
  • Institute of Concrete Technology
  • Mott MacDonald
  • Highways Agency
  • Institution of Civil Engineers
  • Institution of Structural Engineers
  • National House-Building Council

In addition there is equally strong representation from the ready mixed concrete industry, drawn from both large national suppliers and companies serving local and regional markets. Under the QSRMC Articles of Association it is the Governing Board which directs the certification scheme.

The QSRMC Certification Mark

The QSRMC Mark is the best known, most widely accepted and highly respected certification mark for ready mixed concrete in the UK. It appears on all quotations and delivery tickets issued by certified suppliers. It is the national mark of product conformity for ready mixed concrete.