[ Benefits of QSRMC Certification ]

QSRMC certification benefits designers by providing assurance that:

  • the specification will be read and understood
  • materials are of known quality and are subject to routine testing and control
  • mix designs are established and independently verified
  • strength will be achieved without the need for site trial mixes
  • mixes will have the agreed water/cement ratio and minimum cement content
  • all mixes will have control of alkalis, chlorides and, where appropriate, the thaumasite form of sulfate attack
  • concrete will be supplied according to specification.

QSRMC certification benefits purchasers by:

  • eliminating the need for site trials and avoiding delays while awaiting approval
  • reducing the need for routine testing
  • giving confidence in the ability of the certified supplier to meet any specification

QSRMC benefits ready mixed concrete producers by:

  • providing an effective means of controlling risks to the product
  • conducting assessments which are relevant to the product and add value
  • combining ISO 9001 and product conformity certification in one seamless process
  • allowing certified companies to use the nationally recognised certification mark for ready mixed concrete
  • providing recognition that certified companies have achieved the highest technical standards
  • giving certified companies the opportunity to tender for work covered by all public and private sector specifications

The benefits of QSRMC can only be achieved by making QSRMC Certification a specification requirement. The following specification clause is recommended for the supply of all ready mixed concrete:

“Ready mixed concrete shall be supplied by a QSRMC Registered Company from a plant holding current QSRMC Certification for Product Conformity.”