[ Assessment & Certification Process ]

The QSRMC Regulations cover all the important aspects of the design, production and supply of ready mixed concrete.

The assessment process examines companies’ records and procedures to ensure that conformity with the Regulations means conformity with customers’ specifications and requirements. As a specialist certification scheme QSRMC is able to ensure that all assessments are carried out by qualified quality management systems assessors who are also experienced concrete technologists. Through their qualifications and training they not only understand how the industry designs concrete mixes and controls the properties of the product but also have experience in the specification and use of concrete. Companies seeking QSRMC certification undergo a full initial assessment process which ensures that their quality system, and all procedures and operations conform to ISO 9001 and the QSRMC Quality and Product Conformity Regulations.

Having achieved certification all aspects of the companies’ operations are then routinely re-assessed, with particular emphasis on the following elements:

  • an assessment of the company’s quality management system and procedures
  • inspections of the production facilities and procedures
  • a detailed audit of the order processing system to ensure that the producer accurately translates customer enquiries and orders into concrete mix designs and batch instructions
  • an examination of the design, testing and control procedures to provide an assurance that the mix designs deliver both the quality and quantity of concrete which the customer ordered
  • an assessment of the laboratory testing facilities to ensure confidence in test results.

As part of the assessment process QSRMC assessors review customer specifications and purchase orders to ensure that the producer has supplied concrete which conforms to the requirements of the specifier/user.