[ Cement, fly ash and ggbs ]

Under European Standards, suppliers of cement and fly ash are required to hold an EC Certificate of Conformity issued by a Notified Certification Body.

The standards require the Notified Body to perform three principal functions:

  • Inspection of the factory and the factory production control with ongoing surveillance:
  • Initial type testing and audit testing;
  • Evaluation of the results of autocontrol testing.

The European Standards for which CPC can provide this service are:

    • EN 450 – 1 : Fly ash for concrete
      EN 197 – 1 : Cement

Part 2 of both of these standards also has requirements designed to maintain the quality of the products when they pass through dispatching centres and intermediaries. CPCcan provide the appropriate certification services for intermediaries who are required by the standards to maintain the quality of the products, which may originally have been certified at a separate manufacturing location (factory).

CPC can provide ISO 9001, Product Certification and/or an EC Certificate of Conformity under the terms of its UKAS accreditation and Notified Body status.

The harmonised European standard for ggbs has not yet been published.

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