[ Certification of Factory Production Control Systems ]

The introduction of European Standards for many of the wide range of products used in the construction Industry has brought with it a need for a new type of certification. Producers of construction products covered by harmonised European Standards must provide a declaration of conformity to customers (and some suppliers may wish to affix the CE Mark to their products).

Some product standards require the manufacturer’s declaration of conformity to be backed by a certificate which attests that the producer’s factory production control (FPC) system conforms to the requirements set out in the standard. The certificate is issued by a body (in the UK, normally a UKAS accredited certification body) which has been recognised by the UK Government as competent to carry out the necessary attestation work and “notified” to other EU Member States. These competent organisations are known as Notified Bodies.

Under the Construction Products Directive (89/106/EEC) the Government Department responsible for notification is the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM).

Construction Products Certification, as a UK Notified Body can provide FPC Certification covering a growing range of construction products. For further details of our services please email us using the Contact Us page.