[ Production & Supply of Concrete Blocks ]

Under new European Standards (EN 771 series) suppliers of certain masonry units will be required to hold certification of their factory production control (FPC) system from a Notified Body from April 2005.

The European Standards for which we can provide this service are:

EN 771 – 2 : Calcium silicate masonry units
EN 771 – 3 : Aggregate concrete masonry units
EN 771 – 4 : Autoclaved aerated concrete masonry units
EN 771 – 5 : Manufactured stone masonry units

This level of certification is required for Category 1 masonry units. Category 1 units are defined as units produced within a system ensuring that 95% will achieve the declared strength.

CPC can provide either or both ISO 9001 and FPC Certification for masonry units under the terms of its UKAS accreditation and Notified Body status.

If you would like more information on CPCassessment and certification services for your business please use the Contact Us page or email products@cpcert.co.uk.