[ Asphalt Laying – NHSS 16 ]

In order to lay asphalt for highway works contractors are required to hold certification from a UKAS accredited certification body.

The certification standard for the laying of asphalt is published as part of the series of sector scheme documents for quality management in highway construction. The sector scheme for the laying of asphalt mixes was prepared by representatives of the Association of Public Service Excellence, British Aggregates Association, Civil Engineering Contractors Association, County Surveyors Society, Highways Agency, Quarry Products Association, UKAS, and Certification Bodies.

CPC Certification confirms that contractors operate a quality management system complying with:

  • ISO 9001:2000 and
  • National Highway Sector Scheme 16 (NHSS 16) for the laying of asphalt mixes.

To find out how CPC can help your business to operate cost effectively and efficiently to NHSS 16 please use the Contact Us page or email info@cpcert.co.uk.